Jenseits von Millionen is our annual reunion on the first weekend of August at Friedland castle. An elective affinity which we love to foster and a celebration for good reasons.

As in the past years, 2€ of each sold festival ticket and everything that is left after deducting the festivalcosts will be donated to the Berlin aid organization for children Raise a Smile e.V. to support their work.

We learn addition and subtraction in our first year in school and go on to multiplication tables and binomial formulas, while many children in Sambia don’t have the possibility to go to school or learn in a supportive environment at all. Much to often schools are far away, school fees aren’t affordable and the rooms are overcrowded with up to 100 children. And yet, basic skills such as reading, writing and calculating are essential for an independet living, to qualify for a job and find a career.

Two founders of Raise A Smile take a car full of educational material to overcrowded schools and far-off villages in Mambwe District. Here they teach the children basic knowledge of reading, writing and calculating and are also giving a wide range of workshops for the whole village. On top of that they train local substitute teachers, who can then take over educational work independently, while Raise A Smile will support them with educational material. Thereby they can spread knowldege throughout the village and the conditions of living are improved in a sustainable way.

We are much obliged to those who share this purpose with us and who make Jenseits von Millionen possible. Without all those wonderful bands and their waiving of most of the fees otherwise customary, it would not be possible for us to offer you such a diverse, exciting and enchanting program. Our numerous cooperation partners in front and behind the scenes also do their bit to keep our costs low and our efforts a little smaller.

Let’s all create an unforgetable Jenseits von Millionen together, one of the most unique and wonderful festivals of the year. Let’s visit Friedland, let’s bring all of our beloved ones to go swimming and to dance with them, to laugh and cry for joy. Let us help and do our best. Let’s be ‘Jenseits von Millionen’ together.

Bands 2018


  • Beginning December, you can easily get them at our e-Ticketshop and print them yourself (scroll down to change the language to English!)

100 early-bird tickets

  • Weekend ticket
    28€ incl. 2€ donation SOLD OUT

Regular presale

  • Weekend ticket
    38€ incl. 2€ donation
  • 5-friends-ticket
    165€ incl. 10€ donation SOLD OUT
  • Supporters ticket
    45€ inkl. 2€ donation
  • Friday only
    22€ incl. 2€ donation
  • Saturday only
    28€ incl. 2€ donation

(all tickets plus advanced booking fees)

Box office

  • Weekend ticket 45€
  • Friday only
  • Saturday only

If you have any question, please do not hesitate and contact tickets (at) jenseitsvonmillionen (dot) de.


This years Jenseits von Millionen Festival is taking place from the 3rd to 4th of August 2018 at the castle of Friedland in Niederlausitz. Its doors are opening on Friday at 4pm and on Saturday at 1pm. We are already looking forward to welcoming you!

Camping and Parking

Again the camping and parking areas are located directly next to each other on a nice meadow, which is approximately 400m from the castle itself, and for free. There we have space for almost every car and every tent, and it’s open from Friday noon onwards. Please keep in mind to have 5€ deposit for your waste on hand.

Food and Drinks

It is not allowed to bring food and drinks to the festival area (castle/church), apart from an unopened 0.5l PET soft drink bottle and small snacks. Until late you can buy a wide variety of food and drinks at the festival area, of course we will make sure to also provide vegetarian and vegan food.


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